Zomes are geometric volumes composed of lozenges arranged in a double spiral. This family of shapes, of which one find traces in sacred architecture, has a relationship with the laws that govern the living world.

We find these shapes in numerous natural forms such as crystals, honeycombs, and certain plants (pineapples, pine cones, artichokes, etc...).

This biodynamic structure in double spiral, one that we also find in the double helix of D.N.A, characterizes the zome. The zome creates a phenomena of resonance capable of modifying the vibratory quality of the space inside and outside of these shapes. These frequencies permit the reactivation of new arrangements of our D.N.A, with the goal of reconnecting us to our true nature.

For more than thirteen years, we have been studying, creating, and performing experiments with these shapes in many different areas of study. This research brought in contact with many researchers equipped to measure and thus to confirm the reality of these phenomena. Most people experience a feeling of unity and one-ness in presence of these geometrix forms. This sensation being attuned to the spiral, of becoming integrated in the All, as if, the microcosm and the macrocosm reflected the same One-ness, within us and around us... this is the sensation that many people experience in the presence of zomes. A lot of observers and most of the people who use these forms in their daily life are touched by the beauty of these shapes. They also report a feeling of protection and the impression that zomes are doors that open onto other levels of reality.

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the role that they can play to contribute to the emergence of a new world.

This evolution of a new consciousness and a new sensibility led us to develop different models of zomes each corresponding to specific uses and needs.

Some of our zomes are made of glass, and measure between 20 and 80 cm in diameter. They function as an source of energy that creates a more dynamic and sacred space in one's life.

Other zomes are made out of crystal, smoked quartz, and amethyst. These zomes weight but a few grams... a subtle marriage of the crystalline matter and sacred geometry.

We have also designed and built nomadic zomes made out of tubes and covered in canvas or nylon, sheltering surfaces as large as 30 square meters, as well as of models in wood and in fibre, permanent structures that are often used complement a larger living space. These zomes constitute privileged spaces that you can build on erect on your property to create a space of re-creation, of harmony, and of meditation. The energy emitted by these shapes is particularly well suited to work in groups, as well as acoutically unique spaces perfect for singing or making music.

Their very nature inspires creativity, and their luminous interiors make them well-suited for workshops. The practice of martial arts [tai-chi, Qi-gong] and other energizing disciplines [yoga, therapy, massage, etc.] are enhanced and deepened when they take place inside zomes.

By the symbolism of their form, zomes are one of the practical demonstrations of the new consciousness. They correspond to the need for transformation and evolution that is emerging from the collective consciousness, respecting the necessity to align ourselves with the energies of nature.

You can learn to create and to use these shapes during workshops where each participant constructs a zome made of glass. Beyond the technical and artistic aspects, these workshops constitute a privileged means of living a collective alchemy and an initiation in the activation of sacred shapes.

We also offer workshops where participants learn how to frame zomes made of wood, workshops on the use and power of zomes, as well as seminars on sacred geometry and related topics. For further information, please feel free to contact us, via email, letters, or the telephone.